pet minding

I can visit your home once or twice a day to clean up after your pet and provide food, water, care, playtime and company.

Placing your pets into a boarding facility can be a bit scary, especially for cats. Being able to leave them in the comfort of their own home can be beneficial and less stressful.

Prior to you leaving, I will visit your home and meet with you so I can get to know your pet and find out their routine. I will stick to this as much as possible. I am happy to spend time with scared, timid or aggressive cats to hopefully boost their confidence.

I prefer to visit dogs twice per day as I believe they are more prone to boredom, loneliness or destructive behaviour when their owners are absent. If your dog has a neighbour, friend or family member who can do extra visits then this can help alleviate some problems. I can also add on walks.

Pocket pets can be taken care of as well.


Young pups under 5 months of age will be able to stay in my own home. This has limited availability. I am a qualified and experienced puppy class instructor, so you can be assured your pup will be in safe hands during its critical development time. This is a premium service as your pup will receive in-house training as well as a home environment to stay.

Private Walk

A one on one walk with your dog. Duration can vary from 30 mins to 1 hour depending on your needs.

Your dog will be in safe, knowledgeable hands. This walk is designed for dogs without behavioural issues. If you believe your dog needs training, for example, reactivity when seeing another dog- please let me know and I can design a behavioural treatment program for you.

Puppy Training

As a qualified dog trainer and experienced puppy class instructor, I can give advice or practical lessons to new puppy owners. I know when introducing a new pup into your home how tricky it can be sometimes. I can help with any teething problems and prevent behavioural issues from developing.

cat boarding

AVAILABLE NOW!! Your cat will be able to stay in a bedroom in my own home. I have adapted the room so it is comfortable for your feline pal. Feel free to bring your own cat’s beds, litter trays, scratching posts etc or I can provide them instead. Cats are very scent driven and prefer to be surrounded by their own smell, so they may feel more comfortable with their own furniture. The room has a Feliway plug-in to help your cat ease into a new environment. They will have plenty of cuddles and playtime available as well. The deluxe room is available for 1 cat or up to 4 cats from the same family.

Daily Check-in

An option for pet owners living in apartments, with dogs recovering from surgery, elderly dogs with special needs or new puppy owners. I can check in while you’re at work or away and spend 30 mins with your pet to ensure they’re comfortable. Longer durations can be negotiated if needed.

behaviour consult

Are you struggling with your cat, bird or dog’s behaviour? Let me help you out. I can design a training plan to suit your needs. My speciality is bringing timid cats out of their shell.